Easy Fishing

Easy Fishing

           Sometimes its good to put a bend in the rod without too much effort so with a voucher for Blakewell Fishery that had been won in one of their competitions I decided on a mornings fishing.

Blakewell offers outstanding Stillwater trout fishing with rainbows averaging 3lb + and a sprinkling of quality browns. There is always the chance of a jumbo rainbow into double figures.

I arrive at the fishery at around 9.00am after dropping Pauline off at work and chatted fishing with Richard Nickel for 15 minutes or so before walking over to the lake. The middle arm was free so I set up the tackle and proceeded to flick out a small Montana nymph on a 6lb point using a 5-weight 10ft Greys Streamflex rod. No need for heavy outfits here a light outfit presents the fly well and gives great sport when the trout are deceived.

The first trout succumbs as I lift the fly ready to recast and gives a spirited account. No pull for the next ten minutes so I change to a crane fly fished dry. Trout two succumbs as I drop the dry into the ring of a rise.

The sun then breaks through and all goes quiet so after half an hour without a pull I decide to move. The sun has broken through and the wind has dropped away. Could be harder going now I fear.

A move to the bottom bay and a nice breeze is blowing right into the corner. Out goes the Montana nymph and as it sinks the line twitches, fish on! The next twenty minutes brings four trout to 4lb 8oz and a few missed takes. I notice the other anglers have yet to bag up. Is success down to fly choice, location, and presentation? Any way another six fish limit in a couple of hours and it’s just the right time to finish as a heavy shower descends.

As I walk away the sun breaks through and I pause to take in the scenery it really is a great place to be on a summers day.

Trout fillets for dinner fried in olive oil with black pepper and a sprinkling of herbs.

About piscator2

An all-round angler I fish for fun and enjoy sharing my experiences and adventures at the waters edge. Each week I write a column for the North Devon Journal and occasional articles for various publications.
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