Success & Failure


The wind had been blowing hard all day with intermittent rain however the tide was right and I felt my chosen mark would be sheltered. On arrival it was not as sheltered as I hoped and the water was quite murky. Still I was there and might as well have a cast; you never know? I clipped on a plug and launched it out into the murky wind lashed sea. On retrieving each cast brought a set of trebles coated in weed. I decided to try a soft plastic and tied on a brightly coloured wave worm and weighted head. After three or for casts came that delightful jolt as a weighty fish hit the lure. The rod bent over and the reels clutch gave a pleasing song. A couple of minutes and a 6lb 8oz bass is on the rocks. A great start and proof that the conditions are better than I judged.

Next cast and lose my lure. So I tie on 7.5” black and silver Sluggo. Two casts and there comes a heavy pull. The rod again bends and I am forced to give line as an undoubtedly large fish heads out to sea. Its give and take for a few minutes before a heavy bass is wallowing beneath the rod tip. The Boga grip does it job and I lift the bass from the water. I wonder for a moment if the bass might break double figures but on the Boga scales it just tops 9lb. A quick picture and the bass is carefully held in the water until it gives a sweep of its broad tail and swims off into the evening.

I fish on for another half an hour and then head for home a contented angler. I pass the news of the catch to a few friends when I arrive. The next day I get a call from my long time friend Nick Hart who asks if I am heading out again tonight. I had not intended to but how could I resist?

On arrival that evening the conditions look great. Much improved water clarity and a lighter wind. With confidence high we cast our plugs and soft plastics. Three hours later as darkness descends we concede defeat our efforts unrewarded. The after match inquest begins as to why each tide is different. What are ideal conditions? Were the bass present? Why did they not feed? Should we have fished elsewhere? Lure choice or should we have fished bait?

About piscator2

An all-round angler I fish for fun and enjoy sharing my experiences and adventures at the waters edge. Each week I write a column for the North Devon Journal and occasional articles for various publications.
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  1. colin joy says:

    You live and learn here today gone tomorrow?

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