Delightful disappearance

Many years ago I studied an orange tipped float upon the calm waters of Mill Pond at Berrynarbour and delighted in its occasional disappearance. Close to forty years on I still take that same delight this time at Furzebray Carp lakes near South Molton. Again it was a worm impaled upon the hook that tempted the handsomely decorated perch.
Of all the coarse fish the perch has to be the best looking with those bright orange fins and vivid stripes that could be straight from the pages of  Mr Crabtree. Many of our local North Devon waters contain specimen perch and it would come as no surprise if a record-breaking fish were caught.
Furzebray Carp lakes have matured since I last visited a few years ago shortly after the venue opened. Martin and Tony Kingdon have certainly created a fine fishery. Whilst most visitors pursue the splendid carp that have grown to nearly forty pounds I am content to target the perch that reputedly top 3lb.
I arrived at Furzebray and employed two rods one feeder rod with a feeder full of ground bait, molehill soil and red maggots. The other a float set up fished close to an island. Both hook baits were half a juicy lobworm on a size 8 Drennan specimen hook.
The morning passed without incident and I began to fear a blank session. Dinnertime however saw the quiver tip pull round and a couple of missed opportunities. Then the float slid slowly across the surface before disappearing beneath the calm waters. I lifted the rod to feel a thrilling life surging through rod and line. A plump perch of around 1lb 12oz was soon enclosed within the waiting net. Eight more perch succumbed within the next few hours ranging from a few ounces to near 2lb. One took a small soft lure twitched along the bottom.

The fish are only part of the day with sunshine, rain, thunder and lightning adding to the occasion. Autumn shades of gold and brown surrounded the lake; birds flitted from tree to tree. It was great to be back beside Stillwater’s once again.

About piscator2

An all-round angler I fish for fun and enjoy sharing my experiences and adventures at the waters edge. Each week I write a column for the North Devon Journal and occasional articles for various publications.
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2 Responses to Delightful disappearance

  1. Nick Hart says:

    Stunning fish Wayne, I want to get my young lad into these soon, such a brilliant species for kids. Looks like a beautiful fishery to!

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