Its good to catch

            Wistlandpound Fly fishing Clubs Christmas Competition at Blakewell Fishery is always a great social occasion and the fishing is always good. Though as always not everyone finds it so and It is always a good idea to catch while you can as it can be assured that at some point the trout will switch off the feed. On this day most had caught their five fish limits by midday and spent the rest of the day chatting idly to fellow anglers.
The weather played its part and blue skies punctuated the occasional heavy rain shower. Hard fighting rainbow trout averaging 2lb to 3lb provided most of the sport with the occasional big brown trout separating the winners from the also ran’s.
Hot coffee and mince pies rounded off the day and another trout fishing year.
With plenty to do with Christmas on the way it’s not always easy to grab an evening fishing. But with a dry night forecast and high water at 10.00pm I took the opportunity to visit Lynmouth and try my luck. From what I have read there is not a lot being caught so my expectations were not particularly high and to catch would be reward enough.
A whole squid was launched out on one-rod and a squid and mackerel cocktail on the second. The tide was pushing slowly in and there was not a lot of water but bass will come into surprisingly shallow water.
It was cold with a brisk South East wind blowing, stars glimmered through a hazy sky. Light surf rolled onto the shoreline and I relished the familiar scene wondering what lurked in dark waters. To my surprise the water was very clear despite recent rough weather.
The rod tip rattled violently and I picked it up thrilled to feel life through the line. A coalfish of around 1lb was swung ashore; at least I had not blanked. Next cast and a repeat performance another coalfish’ I wonder whether a trip with LRF gear would be worth a try these coalies would give great sport on light gear.
A Pollock follows before the rod gives a more violent indication. A bass of a couple of pounds gives a spirited account despite the heavy gear. Sometimes its good to just catch! The big fish will come along; in the mean time its good to see what’s about and let the rod tip rattle.
I pack away content with the evening of solitude on a cold winter shoreline. Those warm and cosy in the pub probably wonder what the point is of standing in the cold, catching fish and slipping them back.

About piscator2

An all-round angler I fish for fun and enjoy sharing my experiences and adventures at the waters edge. Each week I write a column for the North Devon Journal and occasional articles for various publications.
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