Deep Sea Fishing

Fifty meters of water beneath the boat and six miles offshore down goes the bait with over a pound of lead. The thin braid enables every interest in the bait to be transmitted to the surface. This is the true essence of sea angling questing into the murky depths making contact with fish of deep waters. Remember those billboards from years ago that advertised, “Deep Sea Fishing”. This was it!
The rod tip bounced; I paused until I felt the bait was engulfed and then tightened the line, wind the reel handle and delight as the rod surges over and the living weight on the line grows. The fish is brought to the surface and excitement mounts as we await a glimpse of the prize. A spurdog breaks surface like a small shark and is quickly netted by our skipper John Barbeary.
I am with an eight strong party on a trip organised by “Dave Shapland” affectionately christened Uncle by regulars. As always the banter is a big part of the day and there is plenty. I am always prepared to learn and watch with interest as the experienced spurdog anglers reveal their secret rigs. Fluorescent Muppets are charged with torches an attraction that can be devastating I am told.
Anglers try many tricks to give them an edge, I did not use Muppets just relied upon fresh bait and plenty of it. I tried to monitor the catches of those around me and to be honest I was not convinced at the benefit of Muppets. As the tide was gathering pace fish hit the baits as soon as they hit the bottom; ravenous hordes of spurdog hitting each tasty morsel with aggression. The mass of baits had I am sure built up a scent trail that had concentrated the spurdog and huss around the boat whilst visual attractions may help there is nothing to beat scent in deep murky water.
Dave Shapland

About piscator2

An all-round angler I fish for fun and enjoy sharing my experiences and adventures at the waters edge. Each week I write a column for the North Devon Journal and occasional articles for various publications.
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