Fun and Finesse

I have been looking forward to some success with LRF style fishing and had a mark in mind for this session. At last a calm sunny evening arrived and the tide was right. I set out along a path lined with spring flowers, the sun still high in the sky despite the hour. The sea was calm as I reached the cliff top and descended over barnacle encrusted rocks making my way through a boulder strewn gulley to reach a rocky promontory that gave access to deep water.
After pausing to admire the view I tied a 2.5-gram jighead to my 4lb b.s fluorocarbon and proceeded to thread on a large Marukyu Isome ragworm. This was flicked out into clear water and allowed to sink close to the rocky bottom before retrieving slowly. After a dozen casts came a delightful rattle as something grabbed the lure. The light rod tip of the Tronix pro LRF rod flexed as a small fish sought its freedom, after a moment or two the fish whatever it was shed the hook leaving me intrigued as to what I had hooked.
As the tide started to flood I flicked the lure into the edge of the tide and allowed the lure to sink. Keeping contact I edged the lure back like retrieving a nymph for trout. The line tightened the rod tip twitched and life was transmitted through the line. The light rod bucked as the hook found its grip. After a pleasing tussle an 8oz pollock was brought kicking to the surface.
A couple of casts later and again I hooked a fish this time a pollock of around 12oz that put a good battle curve in the rod even taking a few yards from the lightly set clutch.
One more Pollock followed before I decided to try a few cast elsewhere and enjoy the spectacle of the setting sun.
I walked back to the car savouring the birdsong and delights of late spring. I had enjoyed a short session with great sport enjoyed due to the fun and finesse of this latest fad to hit the fishing world. Whilst some knock the catching of small fish I delight in the variety that angling offers.

About piscator2

An all-round angler I fish for fun and enjoy sharing my experiences and adventures at the waters edge. Each week I write a column for the North Devon Journal and occasional articles for various publications.
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