Lights reflect across the calm waters of Minehead bay as we wait on the pier head eager to board Steve Webbers shiny new “Osprey” a 10 metre Cougar Cat. Within ten minutes of climbing on board the anchors settling in and baits are cast out into the murky waters as dawn breaks.
As always there is an air of expectancy at the start of a new day. Rods are set poised, tips flexing as the tide rushes past the boat. Light banter drifts around the boat as the team settles into the day ahead. I say team because its no competition as everyone hopes to see some action preferably on their line but if not on anyone else’s for the joy of success is a shared experience amongst friends.
Boat fishing is a great leveler and with baits distributed all around the boat no particular position is likely to be better than any other.
The first fish to come aboard was probably a dogfish, followed by a succession of ray. As the tides eases more fish come to boat, the scent trail draws in more fish and at times several rods are bent in unison.
Seven small-eyed ray are landed in excess of 10lb, the biggest 13lb to the rod of John Shapland. A couple of blondes the best 11lb 8oz, spotted ray and thornbacks also grace the net.
Crab baits bring a couple of smoothound topped by a fine specimen of 16lb 8oz to the rod of Ali Laird.
One member of the party hooks a big fish and battles it to within yards of the boat. Whatever it is hangs deep in the water and we all peer into the water eager to see the mystery revealed. A collective groan echo’s around the boat as we all share the sense of loss as the line parts with a sickening twang. Damaged by a previous tangle? We have all suffered that moment; at first there is a knowing silence similar to that following the dejected walk from the crease as a batsman loses his wicket.
Gentle ribbing follows this as the moment passes; it is a little cruel to jest that he is taking the clubs catch and release policy a little prematurely. Speculation as to the identity of the fish mounts and is heightened when Matt Jeffery brings a fine cod of 17lb 8oz to the boat.
I will try and write a fuller account for an article that reflects upon a great day spent with friends beneath a clear blue sky. Steve Webber as always plied us with regular cups of tea and coffee and as on many previous trips put us onto the fish.

About piscator2

An all-round angler I fish for fun and enjoy sharing my experiences and adventures at the waters edge. Each week I write a column for the North Devon Journal and occasional articles for various publications.
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