To fine places / plaices

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Bobbing about on Colin Penny’s Flamer 4 a mile or so off the South Devon Coast I again appreciated the delightful locations this pastime takes me to. We had set sail from the historic port of Dartmouth an hour ago and were enjoying that part of an angling day when anticipation is high with a whole day stretching ahead.
Sunshine illuminated the South Hams coast as we held our rods; big mackerel baits anchored on the rocky bottom below home of the bull huss we were targeting. First fish fell to the rod of Ian Tyldesley. His first huss and a good start to the day. A couple more huss followed before Colin announced that it was time to move to the renowned Skerries bank in search of plaice.
Lighter tackle was now employed to bounce various cocktail baits across the tide swept banks. Using light rods and braid every undulation of the sand and shingle is transmitted to the rod tip. Several handsome flatfish were brought to the net, no big fish but pleasing sport on light gear.

Peter Gillet with a brace of plaice

Peter Gillet with a brace of plaice


Ian Tyldesley and Steve Lysaght display a brace of plaice.

As the tide eased Colin suggested a move to a deep-water mark in search of whiting. Strips of mackerel were sent into 180 ft of water and soon brought several pleasing whiting.
As the tide increased we again returned to the plaice and continued to build upon the days tally.

We returned to Dartmouth with its bustling estuary. The hoot of the steam train echoed across the water, ferryboats chugged back and forth. The sun shone yachter’s busied themselves on board their decks while onlookers sat upon the embankment watching.
We had enjoyed a great day, friendly banter with over thirty plaice, three huss and half a dozen whiting.

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An all-round angler I fish for fun and enjoy sharing my experiences and adventures at the waters edge. Each week I write a column for the North Devon Journal and occasional articles for various publications.
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