IMG_8724On arrival the Lake surface is to my surprise like a mirror unlike the sea that is pounding the coastline. I had fished my first session of 2014 from a local rock mark where we were battered by wind and rain for close to two hours. The beginning and end of the session had been dry and calm highlighting the frequency of change within the weather patterns at present. The fishing had been poor with four small congers and a dogfish succumbing to my squid and mackerel offerings.
A day targeting pike seemed a good plan. I set up in an old favorite swim and flicked a couple of sardines injected with salmon oil into the margins. After half an hour I wound in one of the rods and had a cast around with a lure. This will often produce a fish or draw a fish in towards the deadbaits.
With no action after an hour I decided to make a move to another nearby swim. I tend to fish an hour or so in a swim and then move to try and locate feeding pike. Always a dilemma for pike do tend to switch on and off the feed and you could be moving away from a swim full of fish that may switch on at any time.
I sit in the new swim and enjoyed the company of a robin as it flits around the branches of the trees descending to receive a welcome crumb of bread I flick to it from my sandwich.
I again try the lure and shortly after the float dips signalling interest in my sardine. I pick up the rod and strike into nothing! Disappointed that I may have missed the only chance of the day I flick out a fresh bait and sit back to await another chance. Ten minutes later the drop off indicates a run and I pick up the rod and tighten into a powerful fish that puts a very pleasing bend in the rod. A few minutes later and I am taking a selfie of a pike weighing 14lb 6oz.

I make a couple more moves as the day passes all too quickly. A rainbow appears in a stormy sky adding a welcome splash of color.


And so to the final move of the day, fading light, small fish dimple on the surface, reflections of branches on calm waters. The rod tip twitches, the line pulls from the clip and a harsh buzz breaks the silence. I pick up the rod relishing the moment. The rod bends, the reel sings and a big swirl breaks the stillness of the lake surface. Another selfie this time with a stunning pike of 16lb 2oz a great start to the New Fishing Year.


About piscator2

An all-round angler I fish for fun and enjoy sharing my experiences and adventures at the waters edge. Each week I write a column for the North Devon Journal and occasional articles for various publications.
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