IMG_8867I visited Anglers Paradise on March 7th the first day of the complexes lure-fishing weekend. Fishing was limited as the fishing was to be kept at a minimum to ensure better sport over the two-day lure match. Zyg Gregorek who has run the complex for around thirty years is a larger than life character who always makes his guests very welcome.
I arrived at the fishery at around 10:30 and was told to tag along with the Sky Sports team who were filming a programme for “Tight Lines” due to be shown in a few weeks time. The first Lake we were to fish was the trout lake. Ideal I thought this should be easy, flick out a small soft lure and it will be fish on!
Well not quite! I made my way along the bank trying not to interrupt the film crew and the star angler. A glimpse of a kingfisher and the sound of a woodpecker in the nearby wood lifted the spirits. After a few casts I had a couple of hits on a bright orange curly tail lure then nothing. I moved along the bank and searched a new area. Again a couple of hits then nothing. I tried a few different lures and then made my way around the lake positioning myself opposite the Sky team plenty of action there with trout swirling and Nigel Botherway enjoying some top sport in front of the camera.

Sky Team in actionIMG_8869
I walked around the lake as I could sense that the filming session was coming to an end with the shots needed in the bag. I quick chat with Nigel and I discovered the secret lure. I make a couple of casts along the bank but when Nigel hooks another trout I grab my camera to the capture the action. A handsome tiger trout is held for the camera by a very pleased angler who has caught a fine tiger trout for the TV men.

I have only had limited opportunities to fish for trout using lures and found this an enlightening experience. The trout were not as easy as I expected and I feel I would have caught more using a fly. Interestingly in other countries there is more flexibility in the use of methods. Perhaps there is room for a little more flexibility in the way we fish? Strange how we impose rules to restrict how we catch; is this always a good thing? Could we encourage more young anglers by having more lure days on normally fly only lakes? Why is fly-fishing superior?
It’s now time to head off to Anglers Shangri-La a small lake containing chub, barbel and bream amongst other species. The water is a little murky so I am not too optimistic. After half an hour it was called time and we head off to the day ticket catfish lake at Anglers Eldorado. Here Nigel Botherway targets the catfish with lures and trundled worms. With only a limited number of other species present I chat with the film crew between filming and debate fishing with Nigel.
How do you define lure fishing? Does lure fishing mean artificial bait fished on the move? Is worm trundled along the bottom to entice fish lure fishing?
After a couple of hours with no catfish the film crew and Nigel have to leave and head back to London. We pop in to say goodbye to Zyg in the Angler’s Safari bar and meet a couple of arrivals who are going to fish the weekend. Already savoring Zyg’s notorious wine I suspect there could be few thick heads by the morning.

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An all-round angler I fish for fun and enjoy sharing my experiences and adventures at the waters edge. Each week I write a column for the North Devon Journal and occasional articles for various publications.
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