Summer Evenings

Summer evenings light until after ten what joy to able to get out for a few hours fishing after work. Lure fishing for bass, LRF fishing for a variety of species, casting a fly across the river for salmon or sea trout. The past few weeks have seen plenty of these short evening sorties the following images give a taste of these evenings of summer.

Casting a lure for bass.DSCF2323The first bass of the season is a real confidence boost.

DSCF2327The second salmon of the season and its tempted from a new lie ensuring that expectations will always be heightened when drifting the fly across the spot.

IMG_9181An evening of LRF fun with James and Rob. I will never tire of the vista of home waters where I grew up.

IMG_9210James displays bass that gave a spirited scrap on 4lb b.s line and an ultra light rod.

IMG_9220As the sun sets  is always a magic time to be at the waters edge.

IMG_9232Heading for home whilst savoring the aftermath of a glorious sunset.

DSCF2340A sea trout hits the fly in fading light a flurry of spray follows a screaming reel!

DSCF2346Estimated at 5lb a very pleasing result!

DSCF2351Returned to the waters of birth.

DSCN2669Relish every evening and every sunset for we are now at the longest day the turn of the year. These moments are precious as BB reminded us  ” Look ye also while life lasts”

About piscator2

An all-round angler I fish for fun and enjoy sharing my experiences and adventures at the waters edge. Each week I write a column for the North Devon Journal and occasional articles for various publications.
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1 Response to Summer Evenings

  1. S PHELPS says:

    Well done Wayne. Nice to see some action. Alas as yet all the fish seem to have been caught before they get to me or have moved off up stream!!! have booked a day with doug and dave out of Clovelley however and look forward to that. regards Steve 


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