Drifting with the Friday club


The plan was to take a trip out of Weymouth over the wrecks aboard Colin Penny’s Flamer IV using Red Gill lures supplied by Sakuma Tackle. The weather as is often the case conspired against us and plan B was put into place an inshore trip targeting a variety of species including plaice over the mussel beds off Portland Bill.
With possible rain forecast it was a relief when the day dawned bright and sunny illuminating Weymouth Harbour as we steamed out to our destination. The anglers on board were all regulars in Flamer’s Friday Species and specimen league several of whom I had met previously.

The previous few days had been productive aboard Flamer with plaice to over 6lb coming over the gunnels. As always there was an air of expectation as we approached the fishing grounds. Tempting cocktails of worm, prawn and squid were sent to the seabed each angler decorating their rigs with flashy bling to attract the plaice.
The morning session brought a steady stream of plaice, gurnard and dogfish. No big fish but fun to catch. I had brought along a 12lb to 20lb Class Diawa Kenzi boat rod that I had recently purchased from Veals mail order and was delighted to christen it with a plaice and a couple of brightly colored gurnard.

When tidal conditions dictated we anchored up and relaxed putting down a mixture of big baits and small to see what came along. There was of course the inevitable dogfish a small conger and a few pouting. After a couple of hours with nothing exciting Colin declared it time to get back to the plaice.

The water clarity had improved now as we started fresh drifts and once again we started to catch. They were bigger plaice this time, the best a fine fish of 5lb 8oz to the rod of Trevor Madden. Some drifts brought multiple catches of three or four plaice whilst others brought just a gurnard or two. A plump mackerel grabbed Mick Nunn’s bait its flanks the epitome of sea fish.

Trevor Madden 5lb 8oz plaice.

Trevor Madden 5lb 8oz plaice.

As the tide increased the wind combined to create a lumpy sea. Sea gulls gyrated above, the sun shone and all too soon  it came to that last drift. Ten hours at sea had been hard work though and I dozed off for an hour on returning to my hotel room.


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An all-round angler I fish for fun and enjoy sharing my experiences and adventures at the waters edge. Each week I write a column for the North Devon Journal and occasional articles for various publications.
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