The Match

Match Fishing is not really my normal scene though I have had the odd dabble over the years and always enjoy the craic. I had been invited to fish a charity match at Riverton Fishery that would raise money for two very worthwhile causes. Appledore RNLI and Little Bridge Children’s Hospice.
I had suggested that David Powell cover the event for the NDJ Match of The Week Feature and as a result I could relax and enjoy the day without considering what I would need to write for the angling column.
The day got off to a great start at 7.00am with a full English at Witherspoons before heading to Riverton. This was my first visit to the fishery since the new owners had revamped the lakes. It was apparent from the start that a considerable amount of investment had taken place with gravel paths and otter proof fencing all around.
As anglers arrived at the draw it was great to meet up with a few old faces and share a cheerful greeting before battle commenced. I was pleased to draw an experienced match angler as my partner for the day; Andy Gray a name I often reported on in the Journal.
As always the hour before the competition seemed to drag as I watched anglers set up multiple rods and poles. I knew I was totally outgunned and that my tactics were what you would term s*** or bust. I had elected to set up a feeder rod and fish drilled pellet against the Island for carp.
The next five hours flew past and the carp did not switch on to the pellet. I ended with one of 2lb 2oz. Further along the bank I watched Kevin Shears employ his match fishing skills pole fishing to present his maggot hook baits with finesse and accuracy. I think he ended with five bream to 5lb 10oz and a carp of 13lb 1oz for a total bag of over 40lb.
I will undoubtedly be back if I get invited again to enjoy the challenge and enjoy a master class in fishing from the local experts.

About piscator2

An all-round angler I fish for fun and enjoy sharing my experiences and adventures at the waters edge. Each week I write a column for the North Devon Journal and occasional articles for various publications.
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